Third Grade Friends Book #4: Gordon and the New Girl

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There’s a new girl visiting class. María is from Mexico, and she is very smart. Maybe even as smart as Gordon! Gordon thinks they could be good friends. Except that strange things happen to him whenever María is around. He falls out of his chair, he drops things–Gordon’s become a total klutz!

Hilary and Josh think they know what’s wrong–Gordon’s got a crush on the new girl. And Josh says that all girls (except for Hilary, of course!) are trouble.

Can Gordon break María’s spell? Or will he stay clumsy forever?

Third Grade Friends Book #3: Hilary’s Super Secret

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Hilary Hopkins has a big secret. She found out something about her teacher, Ms. Foster. But she can’t tell anyone. Well, except for Josh and Gordon, of course. Her two best friends have to know. They are the only ones who can help with her plan. And the plan must be kept secret, too.

That’s a whole lot of secrets! Will Hilary, Josh, and Gordon be able to keep them safe?

The plan depends on it….

Third Grade Friends Book #2: Josh Taylor, Mr. Average

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Hilary is the wall-ball champion. Gordon is the brainiac who aces every subject. And Josh…well, Josh isn’t really the best at anything. In fact, he’s pretty average all around. But that’s about to change.

Josh is sure he can be great at something, too. And Hilary and Gordon want to help their friend find a special talent. But nothing is working! And with school elections coming up, Josh is really bummed. He wants to be Class Representative more than anything.

But who would ever vote for Mr. Average…?

Third Grade Friends Book #1: Here’s Hilary

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Hilary is a total mess. She’s the queen of clutter. And you can usually tell what she’s eaten because she’s wearing it on her shirt! But Hilary doesn’t mind. That is, until her teacher gets upset that she’s late to school–again.

But how will Hilary ever clean up her act when she can’t even clean out her desk? That’s where the secret plan comes in. It’s the deal that Hilary makes with the class geek, Gordon, to try to get her life in order. It’s a weird plan, but it’s worth trying. After all, third grade cannot get any messier than it already is!