Goddess Girls #28: Artemis the Hero


Meet the treacherous Alpheus in this twenty-eighth Goddess Girls adventure!

After the sneaky river god Alpheus takes a precious cup from a river nymph, it’s up to Artemis to get it back! When Alpheus challenges Artemis to a surprisingly easy bet, with the winner getting the cup, Artemis thinks it’s too good to be true—and realizes Alpheus will stop at nothing to win. Can Artemis be a hero to her friends?

Goddess Girls #27: Hecate the Witch


Get to know Hecate, a student of witchcraft, in this twenty-seventh Goddess Girls adventure!

Eleven-year-old Hecate loves being a student at Hexwitch School but gets nervous about things that could go wrong. To try and stem her anxious feelings, she gathers all the facts about different situations—that way, she will always be prepared if disaster strikes.

After stumbling into a pet cemetery, Hecate meets Melinoe, who calls herself a ghost herder. She is in charge of leading the ghosts of pets and other animals to the River Styx in the Underworld. But Melinoe doesn’t notice when one of her ghost animals follows Hecate home! More and more of the lost ghosts gather with Hecate, and she learns they have unfinished business left on Earth and refuse to enter the Underworld.

The deceased pets are counting on Hecate, but Melinoe isn’t too thrilled with having competition! Can Hecate help the animals without making a new enemy?

Goddess Girls #26: Persephone the Grateful


Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, meets Minthe, an unhappy water nymph in this twenty-sixth Goddess Girls adventure.

When Persephone meets Minthe for the first time, she both pities and feels annoyed by the water nymph. Minthe is clearly unhappy about being in charge of the sluggish, mucky, Cocytus River down in the Underworld. But Minthe is also clearly in-like with Persephone’s crush, Hades, who doesn’t even see that she is flirting with him!

Later, when Persephone and Minthe meet up again during a geo-dashing competition for Science-ology class, a jealous Minthe sets in motion a transformation she doesn’t see coming. At the same time, Persephone is dealing with her own unwanted crush—a boy named Pirithous who  is a member of her geo-dashing team. Can her relationship with Hades weather the storm brought on by Minthe and Pirithous?

Goddess Girls #25: Clotho the Fate


Get to know Clotho, one of the Three Fates, in this twenty-fifth Goddess Girls adventure!

Eleven-year-old Clotho is always linked with her two big sisters. Together, they are all the Three Fates, with abilities to predict events in mortals’ lives. There are a few rules that the all-powerful Zeus has decreed for them, including a strict no-mingling with mortals policy.

After Clotho discovers letterscrolls from unhappy mortals who don’t love their fates, she wishes there was a way to try and earn their respect. During a secret trip to the Immortal Marketplace—where there is always a chance to run into mortals, too!—Clotho finds herself in over her head as she gets swept up in a competition to celebrate the opening a new store. A competition where her identity as a fate could be revealed at any moment!

If that weren’t enough, Clotho must face up to an old mistake she made several years ago that broke one of Zeus’s other rules: Never interrupt the telling of a fate. It could mess up a mortal’s whole life!

Can Clotho manage to untangle the mess she has made while finding a way to bring the mortals and the Fates together?

Goddess Girls #24: Eos the Lighthearted

ISBN-13: 978-1481470209

Get to know Eos, the Goddess of Dawn, in this twenty-fourth Goddess Girls adventure!

Eos brings light to all every day. While she seems to shine brightly, she often feels like an outsider at Oceanus Middle School. And she misses her dad. Thanks to Principal Zeus, her dad is stuck in the gloomy Underworld. She is scared to lose other people close to her – including her bug-loving best friend, Tithonus. If only he could be immortal, just like her!

After a visit to Mount Olympus Academy – and thanks to help from an unlikely ally – Eos uses a prophecy and her new power to cast a spell to make Tithonus immortal. Only the spell fails to work in quite the way she anticipated…

Goddess Girls #23: Medea the Enchantress

ISBN: 978-1481470179

Princess Medea and a boy named Jason go on a quest for the Golden Fleece in this twenty-third Goddess Girls adventure!

Jason and Princess Medea are on a quest for the golden fleece, a symbol of kingship, that’s hanging from a limb of the great oak tree. But a huge sleeping serpent guards the fleece—and is the one (scary!) barrier for Jason and Medea. With the help of a special sleeping potion Medea creates, can Medea and Jason work their magic and take what is rightfully theirs?

Goddess Girls #22: Nyx the Mysterious

ISBN: 978-1481470148

It’s not easy being twelve-year-old Nyx, goddess of the night.  When she is invited to Mount Olympus Academy after goddessgirls Athena and Artemis name her an unsung hero, she quickly discovers that her presence seems to bring more nightmares than sweet dreams. Even Principal Zeus is so scared of the dark that he sleeps with a night-light! Can she find a way to prove to everyone that a little darkness is actually a good thing?

Goddess Girls #21: Pallas the Pal

ISBN: 978-1481450072

Pallas, the daughter of Triton and messenger of the sea, enrolls at Mount Olympus Academy in this twenty-first Goddess Girls adventure!

Goddess Girls #20: Calliope the Muse

ISBN: 978-1481450041

Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, is a whiz at inspiring others with her good ideas, including the famous author, Homer. Generating ideas is second nature to her as a Muse! Still, she’s finding it nearly impossible to choose and run with just one good idea of her own for her Architecture-ology project at school. If she doesn’t get started soon, she’s going to fail the class and wind up disappointing  not just herself, but her eight super accomplished older sisters as well.

Goddess Girls #19: Echo the Copycat

ISBN: 978-1481450010

In this nineteenth Goddess Girls adventure a new forest-mountain nymph shows up at Mount Olympus Academy and tries to fit.

Echo is a forest-mountain nymph and the new girl at Mount Olympus Academy. She is a little nervous, so she tries to mimic all of the gestures, expressions, and slang of the cool MOA students. While imitation is supposed to be the best form of flattery, Echo’s chattiness doesn’t exactly endear her to her fellow classmates—in fact, it has the opposite effect! Will she be able to find a way to be herself and become friends with the students around her?

Goddess Girls #18: Hestia the Invisible

ISBN: 978-1481449984(pap); ISBN: 978-1481449991 (hrd)

Hestia, the shy goddess of the hearth, is fed up with feeling invisible. Hardly any of the other students at Mount Olympus Academy know who she is, much less that she’s a great cook, even though she’s been at MOA for years! But when Pheme “discovers” her, and interviews her for Teen Scrollazine, Hestia is appalled at what the gossipy girl writes. Will it destroy her friendship with her favorite MOA lunch lady? Or work to her benefit in the competition for the very first “Service to Humankind” award?

Goddess Girls #17: Amphitrite the Bubbly

ISBN: 978-1442488328(pap); ISBN: 978-1442488335 (hrd)

A new mergirl shows up at Mount Olympus Academy—and Poseidon just might be her perfect match in this seventeenth Goddess Girls adventure. Amphitrite is a mergirl with a big crush on Poseidon—but will his quirks make her fall out of like?

Goddess Girls #16: Medusa the Rich

ISBN: 978-1442488298(pap); ISBN: 978-1442488304(hrd)

Medusa discovers that having the golden “King Midas” touch has its ups and downs in the sixteenth Goddess Girls adventure. When Medusa suddenly becomes able to turn objects into gold just by touching them, she is thrilled. Gold, gold, everywhere! But it’s not just objects that become golden—it’s also food, and, even people! Her new ability turns out to be more dangerous than delightful, but can she do anything to reverse it?

Goddess Girls #15: Aphrodite the Fair

ISBN: 978-1442488267(pap); ISBN: 987-1442488274(hrd)

Aphrodite has her hands full with Eris, who loves to stir up mischief, in this Goddess Girls adventure.

Eris is a goddess girl who has a penchant for causing trouble. So when her brother, Ares, is celebrating his thirteenth birthday, she can’t let the occasion go by without a little mischief. After all, she is the goddess of discord and strife! Aphrodite is determined to make sure Ares gets the attention he deserves, but can she handle what Eris has planned?

Goddess Girls #14: Iris the Colorful

ISBN: 978-1442488236 (pap); ISBN: 987-1442488243 (hrd)

Iris has a rainbow of colorful experiences, from visiting the Underworld to conversing with her crush in this Goddess Girls adventure.

Iris is the most colorful goddess girl at Mount Olympus Academy. In fact, her hair and delicate wings can change color according to her mood! When Principal Zeus entrusts her with the job of fetching some magic water, Iris is tickled pink—until she realizes she’ll have to get the water from the gray, gloomy River Styx in the Underworld! And when Iris figures out how to create magical rainbow slides that will allow her to travel from Mount Olympus to Earth and back in a flash, she suddenly becomes a messenger in high demand. All the while, Iris wonders whether her crush, Zephyrus, has caught wind of her infatuation, or if he’s into her BFF instead. Either way, Iris is determined she won’t go green with envy!

Goddess Girls #13: Athena the Proud

ISBN: 978-1442488205 (pap); ISBN: 978-1442488212 (hrd)

Athena wants to upgrade a labyrinth for King Minos, but her approach causes problems in this Goddess Girls adventure. Athena’s pride gets the best of her when her attempts to improve King Minos’s labyrinth have unexpected—and disastrous—results!

Goddess Girls #12: Cassandra the Lucky

ISBN: 978-1442488175 (pap); 978-1442488182 (hrd)

Meet Cassandra, the newest student at Mount Olympus Academy! She has an amazing talent—but will her new friends believe her? This Goddess Girls story is based on the myth of Cassandra, who has the gift of seeing the future—except no one believes her. Can Apollo, the god of prophecy, help his new crush?

Goddess Girls #11: Persephone the Daring

ISBN: 978-1442449398 (pap); 978-1442481589 (hrd)

Mortal rock star Orpheus steals the spotlight in this Goddess Girls tale of love and lyres!

Orpheus is a mortal rock god, and the girls at Mount Olympus Academy are wild about him! With his lyre and singing voice, Orpheus can charm pretty much anything—even things like stones and trees. But Hades and the other MOA boys aren’t charmed. In fact, they are less than thrilled that the girls are so gaga over this guy.

His fans are especially excited about his latest song about the girl he loved and lost, Eurydice. Orpheus was devastated when he lost Eurydice to the Underworld, so he asks Persephone to help get her back. Though it means breaking some very serious Underworld rules, Persephone pushes Hades to return Eurydice to the living world. But restoring Orpheus’s one true love might jeopardize Persephone’s own chances with her biggest crush…

Goddess Girls #10: Pheme the Gossip

ISBN: 978-144244937-4 (pap); 978-1-4424-6138-3 (hrd)

Get to know Goddess Girl Pheme…the original “gossip girl”!

As the goddess girl of rumor and gossip, Pheme prides herself on being “in the know” and having the most up-to-date info on anyone and everyone at Mount Olympus Academy. To make sure that people really get her VIP messages, her words tend to linger in cloud letters above her head—just in case people don’t catch what she says!

But not everyone is thrilled with Pheme’s insider knowledge on everything MOA—including the Goddess Girls. Can Pheme ever be trusted? Or will this “gossip girl” find herself on the other end of the rumors?

Goddess Girls #9: Pandora the Curious

ISBN: 978-1442449350

Pandora is one of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy—and probably the most curious of all the students in school. Her quizzical nature is famous—not that she thinks there is anything wrong with being curious, of course! When a godboy named Epimetheus brings a mysterious and fantastical box to school, Pandora’s curiosity is piqued. And when it unexpectedly lands in her lap—literally—she can’t help but take a look at what’s inside. What could be the harm in that? But little does she know that opening the box will open up more trouble than she thought.

Goddess Girls Super Special: The Girl Games

ISBN: 978-1442449336

The first-ever standalone superspecial in the Goddess Girls series—let the games begin!

Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Persephone are sick and tired of being left out of the annual boys-only Olympic Games. Their solution? The Girl Games! But as the Goddess Girls work to make their dream into a reality, they come up against plenty of chaos and competition. Told in alternating points of view, this superspecial is packed with Olympic spirit!

Goddess Girls #8: Medusa the Mean

ISBN: 978-1442433793

All Medusa wants is to be more like her two sisters and the other kids in her class: immortal. As one of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, she is sick and tired of being surrounded by beautiful, powerful, godboys and goddessgirls classmates. It isn’t easy making friends, especially when you have snakes for hair and one mean reputation!

Goddess Girls #7: Artemis the Loyal

ISBN: 978-1442433779

It’s time for the annual Olympic Games, and the four goddessgirls are not happy that it’s boys only. Led by Artemis, Athena, Persphone and Aphrodite, the ladies of Mount Olympus hatch a plan to get Zeus to open up the games to everyone. Will they succeed–or end up watching from the sidelines again?

Goddess Girls #6: Aphrodite the Diva

ISBN: 978-1442421004

After a teeny misunderstanding in class, Aphrodite is failing Hero-ology. To raise her grade, she concocts a brilliant plan—an extra-credit project for matchmaking mortals. This brings her face-to-face with fierce competition–an Egyptian goddessgirl named Isis. Now the race is on to see which of them can matchmake Pygmalion–the most annoying boy ever! Will Aphrodite wind up making a passing grade after all? Or will she end up proving she’s a diva with more beauty than brains?

Goddess Girls #5: Athena the Wise

ISBN: 978-1416982739

Athena isn’t the only new kid at Mount Olympus! When a mortal named Heracles transfers to the Academy, Athena knows what he’s going through. She started there a few months ago herself. Not only does Heracles need help fitting in, he also has to complete twelve “labors” or be kicked out of school! When Athena’s dad, Principal Zeus, asks her to secretly look after the new boy, she winds up capturing mythical beasts and shoveling poop. It will take all of her famed wisdom to sort out her own problems and help Heracles succeed!

Goddess Girls #4: Artemis the Brave

ISBN: 978-1416982746

All of Artemis’s friends and classmates depend on her to be the most courageous goddessgirl in Mount Olympus Academy. Little do they know that despite her expert archery skills, the smelly geryons, ring-nosed Minotaurs, and stinging scorpions in Beast-ology class scare her as much as anyone else! But what’s really bothering her now is that funny feeling she has whenever she looks at foreign exchange student Orion. She’s never had a crush before–could this be what all the fuss is about? And will she find the courage to talk to her crush, make him see her as more than a pal, and to ace Beast-ology class?

Goddess Girls #3: Aphrodite the Beauty

ISBN: 978-1416982739

Aphrodite delights in helping mortals in love, but she’s pretty annoyed at the constant attention she gets from the godboys at Mount Olympus Academy. When she decides to give Athena a makeover, she’s a bit unprepared for the result. She didn’t count on all the interest Athena’s new look would get. And she certainly never thought she’d find herself jealous of one of her best friends! But when the hottest godboys at school start ignoring Aphrodite, she learns that some boys are nicer and more sensitive than others–including a mortal youth who has requested her help in winning the heart of a young maiden. Can she put her jealousy behind her and help him find true love?

Goddess Girls #2: Persephone the Phony

ISBN: 978-1416982722

Persephone’s tired of trying to please everyone but herself…
Persephone has always thought her friends might not like her if they knew the real her. As her mother Demeter encourages her, she often “goes along to get along” instead of doing what she really wants. But when she meets Mount Olympus Academy bad-boy Hades, she finally feels she has found someone with whom she can be herself. He’s the first person who actually listens to her, and she finds herself liking him, despite the fact that the other Goddess Girls think he’s bad news. But if he makes her feel so special – and so comfortable – can he really be all that ba

Goddess Girls #1: Athena the Brain

ISBN: 978-1416982715

Athena’s in for a hair-raising adventure…
Athena has always been, well, above average. She’s never quite fit in at Triton Junior High – weird things always seem to happen to her, and she hasn’t managed to make many friends. But who would’ve guessed that Athena is actually a goddess! Principal Zeus’s daughter, to be exact. When she’s summoned to the Mount Olympus Academy, amongst all the unusual goddessgirls and godboys, Athena thinks she might actually fit in for the first time in her life. But, in some ways, school on Mount Olympus is not that different than it is down on Earth, and Athena is going to have to deal with the baddest mean girl in history—Medusa!