Fairy Blossoms

(ages 7 – 10)

Fairy Blossoms #5: Daisy and the First Wish

Harper Collins, ISBN:978-0-06-113942-0
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Daisy loves helping humans–it’s what she’s always wanted to do. Then she meets a little girl named Nina who makes an impossible wish. Daisy’s magic want can’t give Nina what she wants–but maybe Daisy can find another way!

Fairy Blossoms #4: Marigold and the Missing Firefly

Harper Collins, ISBN:978-0061139413
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Marigold’s new pet firefly, Flash if the perfect companion. He’s sweet and affectionate and just the right size to cuddle with. All the students at Mistress Lily’s Fairy School soon grow to love him. But when Flash goes missing, Marigold is heartbroken! Will she ever find him?

Fairy Blossoms #3: Rose and the Delicious Secret

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139390
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Everyone is delighted when delicious treats start appearing overnight at Mistress Lily’s Fairy School! Everyone except the Cook, that is—he doesn’t want someone else to do his job. Can Rose find out what’s going on and restore harmony to the Cloverleaf Cottage kitchen?

Fairy Blossoms #2: Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139406
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Mistress Lily is gone for the day, and Poppy hopes she’ll hurry home. Then Mistress Lily doesn’t come back on time—something must be wrong! With the help of their flying ponies, Poppy and her friends set off to find out what’s happened to their teacher. They discover a magical creature and a mysterious enchantment!

Fairy Blossoms #1: Daisy and the Magic Lesson

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139383
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At Mistress Lily’s Fairy School, Daisy is learning to be a fairy helper to humans – and she makes the most wonderful new friends! Violet can turn invisible. Poppy can shape-shift. Marigold can change her wings to match her clothes. Daisy doesn’t know any magic at all, but she gets a chance to discover her own special talent when a human in trouble needs the fairies’ help!

Princess Power

“Williams packages some of the favorite conventions of standard fairy tales with spunky heroines and encouraging messages about values.” – Barbara Lloyd McMichael (The Bookmonger, The Olympian Newspaper, Feb. 18, 2007)

Princess Power #6: The Gigantic, Genuine Genie

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-06-078308-2
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At the bazaar, Princess Fatima buys a beautiful bottle that supposedly holds a real genie. But it turns out that Jasper the genie is powerless-and no bigger than a caterpillar! In fact, his only real talent seems to be getting into mischief. Will Jasper ever be able to regain his gigantic size and magical touch?

Princess Power #5: The Stubbornly Secretive Servant

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-060-078306-8
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The princesses are having a ball visiting Lysandra’s sister, Gabriella, and brother-in-law, Jerome. And they can’t wait for Jerome’s handsome brother, Prince Jonathon, to join them. But when he never arrives, everyone panics. They must find the missing prince—without the help of his stubborn servant, Thomas, who’s not saying a word!

Princess Power #4: The Mysterious Mournful Maiden

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-06-078304-4 pbk
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Princess Elena is delighted to find a treasure on the beach: a beautiful comb that makes her frizzy hair feel soft. However, she soon starts dreaming of a green-haired maiden, who cries that she can’t live without her comb. The princesses all want to help. But will they be able to find the maiden before it’s too late?

Princess Power #3: The Awfully Angry Ogre

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-06-078302-0 pbk
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Princess Tansy knows that whenever something terrible occurs in her kingdom, the ogre gets the blame. Yet anyone who challenges him is turned to stone! Tansy’s two oldest brothers have been forbidden to fight the ogre, but they’re determined to try. Can Tansy and her friends save the boys from a horrible fate?

Princess Power #2: The Charmingly Clever Cousin

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-06-078300-6 pbk
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Princess Fatima doesn’t care much for her brother-in-law, Ahmed. His cousin Yusuf is much more charming with his elegant mustache and impressive magic tricks. Yet when Ahmed goes to visit his dying father–and never returns–Fatima starts to worry. Something suspicious is going on, and it just might be up to the princesses to come to the rescue!

Princess Power #1: The Perfectly Proper Prince

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0-06-078298-6 pbk
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Princess Lysandra finds sewing, napping, and decorating the palace to be extremely boring. She wants adventure! So when Lysandra meets Fatima, Elena, and Tansy, she couldn’t be happier. But their first quest comes even sooner than expected, when they stumble upon a frog that just might have royal blood running through his veins….

The Marvelous Mind of Matthew McGhee, Age 8

illustrated by Abby Carter, Ages 6 – 9. "Williams does a good job of creating a 'typical' third-grade boy who could be a little better organized and who is going to make a new friend. Lively illustrations appear throughout. " -- Edith Ching, School Library Journal, March 2004.

Matthew Mcghee Book 3 – The Lucky Penny?

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On the way home from school one day Matthew finds a penny. Remembering the rhyme his grandfather taught him — “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck”–Matthew slips the penny into his pocket and takes it home.

Suddenly Matthew becomes a very lucky boy. First his parents take him to the pound to pick out a puppy. Then at school he makes an amazing catch during the softball game. Could it be that this penny really is a lucky penny?

Matthew Mcghee Book 2- Human or Alien?

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Weird things are happening to Matthew McGhee. First, a purple blob follows him home. Then he hears his mom making plans to send him away to a faraway place. When Matthew finds an egg-shaped bruise on his arm, he knows for sure something very strange is going on.

Matthew’s always thought he was different from other kids, but he never thought he was from a different planet! Do these weird occurrences mean that aliens are coming to bring him home?

When the phone rings one night, it’s for Matthew. It’s the call he’s been waiting for….

Matthew Mcghee Book 1- Master of Minds?

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Meet Matthew. He’s your typical third grader. He likes to play baseball, has a hard time remembering to do his homework, and wishes his parents would give him a bigger allowance.

Then one day something very unusual happens to Matthew: He discovers he can control people with his mind. Now it doesn’t matter if he does his homework or not, he doesn’t get in trouble, and suddenly his parents give him a raise–without him even asking for it!

This is the best superpower any kid could ever ask for–or so Matthew thinks, until his power starts to spin out of control!

Third Grade Friends

Illustrated by George Ulrich, Ages 7 – 10, Scholastic Little Apple

Third Grade Friends Book #4: Gordon and the New Girl

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There’s a new girl visiting class. María is from Mexico, and she is very smart. Maybe even as smart as Gordon! Gordon thinks they could be good friends. Except that strange things happen to him whenever María is around. He falls out of his chair, he drops things–Gordon’s become a total klutz!

Hilary and Josh think they know what’s wrong–Gordon’s got a crush on the new girl. And Josh says that all girls (except for Hilary, of course!) are trouble.

Can Gordon break María’s spell? Or will he stay clumsy forever?

Third Grade Friends Book #3: Hilary’s Super Secret

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Hilary Hopkins has a big secret. She found out something about her teacher, Ms. Foster. But she can’t tell anyone. Well, except for Josh and Gordon, of course. Her two best friends have to know. They are the only ones who can help with her plan. And the plan must be kept secret, too.

That’s a whole lot of secrets! Will Hilary, Josh, and Gordon be able to keep them safe?

The plan depends on it….

Third Grade Friends Book #2: Josh Taylor, Mr. Average

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Hilary is the wall-ball champion. Gordon is the brainiac who aces every subject. And Josh…well, Josh isn’t really the best at anything. In fact, he’s pretty average all around. But that’s about to change.

Josh is sure he can be great at something, too. And Hilary and Gordon want to help their friend find a special talent. But nothing is working! And with school elections coming up, Josh is really bummed. He wants to be Class Representative more than anything.

But who would ever vote for Mr. Average…?

Third Grade Friends Book #1: Here’s Hilary

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Hilary is a total mess. She’s the queen of clutter. And you can usually tell what she’s eaten because she’s wearing it on her shirt! But Hilary doesn’t mind. That is, until her teacher gets upset that she’s late to school–again.

But how will Hilary ever clean up her act when she can’t even clean out her desk? That’s where the secret plan comes in. It’s the deal that Hilary makes with the class geek, Gordon, to try to get her life in order. It’s a weird plan, but it’s worth trying. After all, third grade cannot get any messier than it already is!

Other Books

A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

A personalized chapter book to accompany Starpath Dolls.

Summary: After making the exact same birthday wish, you and your best friend accidentally find yourselves inside the Cinderella fairy tale! Now it is your job to keep the story on track so Cinderella will wind up with her prince and you can return home safely to your family. A visit by the Fairy Godmother, a trip to the Royal Ball, and a ride on a magic swan await you on your adventure.

To personalize A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong the child and/or parent answers a series of fun questions about the child’s own life and favorite things. These details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it her story.

Available as a paperback or e-book.

Emily At School

Illustrated by Abby Carter, Ages 6 – 8, A Hyperion Chapters Book
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“Can’t you read?” said a boy in a striped T-shirt. He pointed to a name tag on the desk. “Alex,” he said. “that’s me. I’m new, and you are sitting in my chair.” Emily frowned. “I know how to read,” she said. “I just didn’t look at the name tag.” Emily found her desk. It was right in front of Alex’s desk and next to Jenny’s desk. Last year she and Jenny had been in the same class. Emily smiled at Jenny. Then she looked back at Alex and stuck out her tongue.

Edwin and Emily

Illustrated By Abby Carter, Ages 6 – 8, A Hyperion Chapters Book
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Emily loves to play–whether outdoors in the snow, or indoors with her big brother, Edwin. Edwin knows lots of new, exciting games, and is happy to teach them–as long as Emily plays fair. So how does Emily get hold of Edwin’s clothes, his toy car, and half of his candy bar? This sibling duo’s funny adventures are a delight to read in any season.

Secret Pal Surprises

Illustrated by Jackie Snider, Ages 7 – 10, A Hyperion Chapters book
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When Mrs. Hall’s third grade class picks secret pals for Valentine’s Day, Tommy ends up with Jake, the new kid. Jake’s big, so big he looks like he could be in fifth grade. If Tommy doesn’t get Jake something he likes, there’s no telling what he might do…