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Front / Back
Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Aladdin paperbacks, ages 8-1

Front / Back
Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Aladdin paperbacks, ages 7-11


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Which Goddess Are You?

(Choose the best answer for each question)

  1. Athena_cvr_quizYour favorite color is:
    1. Yellow when I’m happy, black when I’m not.
    2. Dark pink, light pink, hot pink, bright pink. PINK!
    3. Whatever. As long as it’s comfortable.
    4. Ye gods! Why should it matter what color I wear?
  2. Persephone_cvr_quizYour general outlook on life is:
    1. Sunny, but sometimes your mood turns dark, and that’s okay with you.
    2. Viewed through the prism of romance. You love to play matchmaker with your friends!
    3. Life’s a contest, and you like to compete. You’re very athletic and you also like board games.
    4. Intellectual. There’s just so much to learn, and you sop up knowledge like a sponge.
  3. Aphrodite_B_quizWhen it comes to boys:
    1. You go for the guy who is different and off-beat, and maybe a bit mysterious.
    2. Anyone cute catches your eye; you’re an equal-opportunity flirter.
    3. Yuck! Who gives a rip about boys?
    4. Sure, you notice them, but you’re much too busy with schoolwork and after school activities to concern yourself with boys.
  4. What some people don’t know about you is that deep down:
    1. You “dance to a different drummer,” not always liking the same things your friends like.
    2. You sometimes worry that other people—especially boys— like you more for your looks than for your other many good qualities.
    3. You don’t really dislike boys as much as you claim to.
    4. You worry that you’re not as smart as others think you are.
  5. ArtemisBrave_cvr_quizGiven an hour or two of free time, you’d rather spend it:
    1. Wandering around in a lovely garden or park.
    2. Experimenting with make-up and hairstyles.
    3. Playing with a pet or doing anything active.
    4. Reading a book.

Add up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s. If you have more A’s, you’re most like Persephone, B’s, you’re most like Aphrodite, C’s, you’re most like Artemis, D’s, you’re most like Athena. Or you might be a half-and-half mix of two Goddess Girls!

Which Princess Are You?

(Choose the best answer for each question)

  1. You would rather…
    1. Princess01Design a table centerpiece for several guests
    2. Take a fencing class
    3. Sit on the roof and look at the stars
    4. Play a musical instrument
  2. Princess02You’d rather read…
    1. A book of poetry
    2. An adventure story
    3. Books about flying
    4. Exciting newspaper headlines
  3. Your ideal prince would…
    1. Paint wonderfully
    2. Princess03Be somewhat shy
    3. Know magic
    4. Is there such a guy?
  4. Your favorite place to relax would be…
    1. On the beach
    2. Anywhere, as long as it’s far away from a nagging older sibling
    3. Sitting by a fountain in your own private courtyard
    4. In a bedroom at the top of a tower
  5. Princess04One thing that would embarrass you…
    1. Bad hair days
    2. Having to take naps
    3. Baby talk
    4. A younger sibling’s rude behavior

Add up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s. If you have more A’s, you’re most like Elena, B’s, you’re most like Lysandra, C’s, you’re most like Fatima, D’s, you’re most like Tansy.

Which Flower Fairy Are You?

(Choose the best answer for each question)

  1. DaisyYou would rather…
    1. Ride a pony
    2. Design a new outfit
    3. Help someone in need
    4. Learn something new
  2. poppyYou think it’s fun to…
    1. Kid around
    2. Play with a pet
    3. Make new friends
    4. Solve a mystery
  3. You don’t like it when…
    1. You feel jealous of others
    2. You feel dumb
    3. You feel clumsy
    4. You feel frustrated
  4. roseYour favorite color is…
    1. Green.
    2. All colors, really. As long as they go well together.
    3. Yellow. No wait, white. Both, actually.
    4. Any shade of pink
  5. marigoldYour ideal teacher would…
    1. Have a good sense of humor
    2. Be understanding
    3. Be kind
    4. Be knowledgeable and competent

Add up the number of a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s. If you have more a’s, you’re most like Poppy, b’s, you’re most like Marigold, c’s, you’re most like Daisy, and d’s, you’re most like Rose.