Fairy Blossoms #5: Daisy and the First Wish

Harper Collins, ISBN:978-0-06-113942-0
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Daisy loves helping humans–it’s what she’s always wanted to do. Then she meets a little girl named Nina who makes an impossible wish. Daisy’s magic want can’t give Nina what she wants–but maybe Daisy can find another way!

Fairy Blossoms #4: Marigold and the Missing Firefly

Harper Collins, ISBN:978-0061139413
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Marigold’s new pet firefly, Flash if the perfect companion. He’s sweet and affectionate and just the right size to cuddle with. All the students at Mistress Lily’s Fairy School soon grow to love him. But when Flash goes missing, Marigold is heartbroken! Will she ever find him?

Fairy Blossoms #3: Rose and the Delicious Secret

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139390
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Everyone is delighted when delicious treats start appearing overnight at Mistress Lily’s Fairy School! Everyone except the Cook, that is—he doesn’t want someone else to do his job. Can Rose find out what’s going on and restore harmony to the Cloverleaf Cottage kitchen?

Fairy Blossoms #2: Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139406
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Mistress Lily is gone for the day, and Poppy hopes she’ll hurry home. Then Mistress Lily doesn’t come back on time—something must be wrong! With the help of their flying ponies, Poppy and her friends set off to find out what’s happened to their teacher. They discover a magical creature and a mysterious enchantment!

Fairy Blossoms #1: Daisy and the Magic Lesson

Harper Collins, ISBN: 978-0061139383
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At Mistress Lily’s Fairy School, Daisy is learning to be a fairy helper to humans – and she makes the most wonderful new friends! Violet can turn invisible. Poppy can shape-shift. Marigold can change her wings to match her clothes. Daisy doesn’t know any magic at all, but she gets a chance to discover her own special talent when a human in trouble needs the fairies’ help!