1. Do you have a plot, or a story plan? Does the story proceed logically from beginning to middle to end?
    1. Does the opening grab the reader’s interest immediately?
    2. Does the action in the body of the story maintain the reader’s interest?
    3. Is the climax dramatic?
    4. Is the ending satisfying?
  2. Is there a conflict (a problem) in the story that is very important for the main character to solve?
    1. Is it a problem that will interest the reader?
    2. Are there real obstacles in the path of the main character that keep him/her from easily achieving his/her purpose or goal?
    3. Does your main character learn and change during the course of the story?
  3. Are the characters believable and consistent?
  4. Have you kept to a single viewpoint character throughout the story?
  5. Does the dialogue sound natural and flow naturally?
  6. Have you only included material that is relevant and necessary to you plot development? (All action, dialogue, characterization, and description should help move the story toward its climax.)
  7. Does the story read well out loud?
  8. Does the story make your reader FEEL?



Name __________________________________ Teacher_____________________


  1. Where did the ideas for this piece come from?
  2. What parts were easiest to write?
  3. What parts were hardest to write?
  4. What parts did you revise? Why?
  5. What did you learn by doing this piece?
  6. What are you most satisfied with in this piece?




From the Writing Curriculum Files of Children’s Author, Suzanne Williams www.suzanne-williams.com