School for Magical Monsters #2: The Eye of Cyclops


Publishes October 1, 2024

From the authors of the Goddess Girls and Heroes in Training series comes the second book in the School for Magical Monsters series about Cyclops wanting to prove herself—part of the Aladdin QUIX line!

Cyclops’s brothers are top metal workers, creating armor for Greek goddesses and gods and humans, but they treat her like a baby and say she has to stay in school instead of working with them. When Cyclops meets a Goddess Girl named Artemis, Artemis mentions that if she had a bow and arrow as good as her brother’s, she would be an even better archer than him.

Cyclops knows this is her perfect chance to prove to her brothers, Artemis, and herself that she is stronger and smarter than her brothers give her credit for! But will her best efforts go up in flames?