Goddess Girls #26: Persephone the Grateful


Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, meets Minthe, an unhappy water nymph in this twenty-sixth Goddess Girls adventure.

When Persephone meets Minthe for the first time, she both pities and feels annoyed by the water nymph. Minthe is clearly unhappy about being in charge of the sluggish, mucky, Cocytus River down in the Underworld. But Minthe is also clearly in-like with Persephone’s crush, Hades, who doesn’t even see that she is flirting with him!

Later, when Persephone and Minthe meet up again during a geo-dashing competition for Science-ology class, a jealous Minthe sets in motion a transformation she doesn’t see coming. At the same time, Persephone is dealing with her own unwanted crush—a boy named Pirithous who  is a member of her geo-dashing team. Can her relationship with Hades weather the storm brought on by Minthe and Pirithous?