Goddess Girls #24: Eos the Lighthearted

ISBN-13: 978-1481470209

Get to know Eos, the Goddess of Dawn, in this twenty-fourth Goddess Girls adventure!

Eos brings light to all every day. While she seems to shine brightly, she often feels like an outsider at Oceanus Middle School. And she misses her dad. Thanks to Principal Zeus, her dad is stuck in the gloomy Underworld. She is scared to lose other people close to her – including her bug-loving best friend, Tithonus. If only he could be immortal, just like her!

After a visit to Mount Olympus Academy – and thanks to help from an unlikely ally – Eos uses a prophecy and her new power to cast a spell to make Tithonus immortal. Only the spell fails to work in quite the way she anticipated…