Matthew Mcghee Book 3 – The Lucky Penny?

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On the way home from school one day Matthew finds a penny. Remembering the rhyme his grandfather taught him — “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck”–Matthew slips the penny into his pocket and takes it home.

Suddenly Matthew becomes a very lucky boy. First his parents take him to the pound to pick out a puppy. Then at school he makes an amazing catch during the softball game. Could it be that this penny really is a lucky penny?

Matthew Mcghee Book 2- Human or Alien?

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Weird things are happening to Matthew McGhee. First, a purple blob follows him home. Then he hears his mom making plans to send him away to a faraway place. When Matthew finds an egg-shaped bruise on his arm, he knows for sure something very strange is going on.

Matthew’s always thought he was different from other kids, but he never thought he was from a different planet! Do these weird occurrences mean that aliens are coming to bring him home?

When the phone rings one night, it’s for Matthew. It’s the call he’s been waiting for….

Matthew Mcghee Book 1- Master of Minds?

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Meet Matthew. He’s your typical third grader. He likes to play baseball, has a hard time remembering to do his homework, and wishes his parents would give him a bigger allowance.

Then one day something very unusual happens to Matthew: He discovers he can control people with his mind. Now it doesn’t matter if he does his homework or not, he doesn’t get in trouble, and suddenly his parents give him a raise–without him even asking for it!

This is the best superpower any kid could ever ask for–or so Matthew thinks, until his power starts to spin out of control!